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The wizard's way books



An authoritative compendium of transformational techniques drawn from a wide variety of different disciplines by a master teacher.

Merlyn never became king. Gandhi never held public office, and Einstein couldn't even land a job teaching physics when he wrote the papers that changed physics forever. What secrets did these true wizards know that you could learn and use today in order to transform your life and your world?

the beyond deception books

ancient wisdom for total vitality



For a performing magician to move beyond the initial trickster phase of his or her career, they need to understand the craft of creating magical experiences, to learn how to become powerful performers and innovative performance artists. These books are their guides to doing that.

Modern science has learned the powerful benefits of hydration and alkalinity as a means to radiant health and physical vitality, but the ancient masters knew the secrets of how to fully hydrate and alkalize the body. Master Wang has studied and lived these powerful lost teachings that have helped many people heal from serious illness, increased top performance for athletes, and helped people committed to health and wellbeing to experience Total Vitality. This fascinating and sometimes surprising book explains the basis of the Total Vitality Program and how it might work for you.